Build Your Kingdom 

3 Day Real Estate Training and BUS Tour

August 23rd, 24th & 25th

@DoubleTree 2001 Point West Way

Join Real Estate Expert and Investor Tapan Trivedi as he takes you on a journey of how Real Estate Investments can change your life. 


Ticket Prices are for DOUBLE Admission

(Bring you and your business partner) 

Super Early Bird until July 18th: $199

Early Bird until August 16th: $299

Regular Price until August 22nd: $499

At the Door August 23rd: $599

How many days until you change your destiny?


At This 3 Day Training You Will Learn

How to create a Rental Portfolio and pay it off in 7 years?

People Often times overlook the time tested strategy. We use the Velocity of Money with a unique acquisition strategy to create and pay off your rental portfolio.

How to Flip Wholesale Contracts for $5000-$7000 per contract ?

Real Estate requires money, credit to make money. Bah! Humbug! This is the strategy that will make you money without any of your own cash or credit.

How to Flip Houses for $35,000 - $100,000 ?

Flipping.Popularized by TV shows on HGTV and all its clones this can be risky unless you have the proper training . Learn the first steps at this training .

How to Buy Apartment Complexes for $75,000-$150000 a year in Passive Income ?

Did you know that Multifamily has been around since the 11th Century? Learn how many investors get together and purchase LARGE apartment complexes. Add a comma to your net worth. 

How to Raise upto $1,000,000 in cash in 3 months?

Raising money for your endeavor is the essence of capitalism. However there is a government agency watchdog that regulates this activity i.e. the SEC. Learn how to raise tons of cash while staying on the right side of the SEC. 

Whats MY REIĀ© - A Unique 40 question test that reveals what kind of investor you are! 

The dirty little secret of Real Estate training is that the success rate is a mere 3% max. This is due to a complete disregard for who gets pitched with what strategy. To better match strategies with people Tapan created this unique test .

Bus Tour to actual deals in progress . You crunch the numbers yourself.

On Day 2 we all get on a bus and go to actual properties in progress. You run the rehab numbers, you run the values and decide if its a good deal for YOU!

Fund Raising Conversations

Day 3 lunch you go and talk to actual people at strategic locations and have an actual conversation. Don't worry we will help you.

1 on 1 Review Time 

You will get 1 on 1 time with us to go over your personalized plan based upon your test. This will set you up with the Master Plan to create what you want in your investment life.

About Your Host: Tapan Trivedi

Being born in a 3rd World country like India didn't stop Tapan Trivedi from succeeding. Growing up poor taught him the lessons he needed to learn at an early age. Starting a job delivering tea at 7 years old while still attending school he learned the meaning of hard work and perseverance. Upon arriving in America and finishing his Masters Degree he realized that his newfound home had a lot more to offer than just the boring corporate job he was doing. Even though he had a cushy corporate job he quit it to do something more worthwhile for himself and his family. Tapan quit his job and started investing in Real Estate full time. He got an opportunity to run the largest REIA in Sacramento and has more than quadrupled its size since running it. Tapan has gone to become a Multimillionaire Real Estate Investor building an impressive portfolio all the while educating students on the same techniques that made him successful.

Tapan Trivedi started his journey with a small Line of Credit that he got from an unknown company. He used it to pay a 'guru' who taught him enough to be dangerous. He then networked and clawed his way from failure to failure till he succeeded at a level that had him leading one of the largest REIA's in California while building a portfolio of various real , paper and digital assets.


How could you start today in a vastly different market and build your kingdom ? First of all , aren't you glad that we live in a world where you don't have to be 'born' a king. You can , with sheer determination and the right knowledge and support BUILD YOUR KINGDOM.


So here's Tapan's promise to you - You bring your determination and your focus and he will bring the knowledge and the team. Deal?

What People Are Say

I got an insight into the minds and actions of people doing actual deals

Kevin Schayltz 

He answered all the tough questions. I feel much more prepared now.

Michelle Mitchell 

I learned more in this class then a class I had spent $12,000 on.

Jeff Shem

 What To Expect at The Event ?

Lunch Included on Day 1 and Day 2


  • Why Invest in Real Estate?
  • How I built my portfolio over $4 Million ?
  • Running a marathon of deals vs a sprint.
  • But I don't have - Cash, Credit, Knowledge.
  • What kind of financing is best - Debt or Equity?


  • Cash Flow Vs Flip Vs Money Raising - Your Risk Profile. What are you comfortable with ?
  • The Sequence of Real Estate - Eat Grow MegaFlow . What goals to set first ?
  • Your Wholesaling BluePrint - Nuts and Bolts 
  • How to find those deals?
  • Getting deals under contract - the entire process



  • Three kinds of Investors
  • Doing Deals with different partners
  • Take the Test - Whats MY REI ?



  • Go out to Actual Deals ...- Or Duds - you decide.
  • Numbers Numbers Numbers and ....###.
  • This Flipping Thing
  • Things NOT to do while Flipping
  • How to Handle your contractors


  • Vision Boarding - Solidify Your Resolve
  • The Sequence of Rehabbing From Granite to Landscaping 
  • Finding Hidden Deals, Big Margin Deals?
  • Getting deals under contract - the entire process
  • 2-5-8 Cash Flow for the Rest of your life and legacy. The Portfolio Technique


  • Raising Money the Right Way - The Essence of Capitalism
  • Raising Funds, How to Identify, properly pursue and close your investors.



  • To Pool or Not To Pool - not a rehab question.
  • What  is the S.E.C. and what does it have to do with my RE Business ?
  • Talking to Prospects - lunch exercise.
  • Our Groundbreaking System 10-1-2-7 for big deals


  • Multifamily Vs Single Family 
  • How a Single Multifamily Deal can set you up for a lifetime.
  • Learn the Language :- NOI, Cap Rate, Debt Service etc
  • How to quickly evaluate if the proforma is worth pursuing?
  • More on 10-1-2-7


  • The Game Plan for the next 30 days.
  • 1 on 1 


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