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Smart People learn from other people's mistakes. I was not smart enough to avoid these mistakes but now you can be. Learn from mine and avoid these mistakes that I have made investing in Sacramento.

  • Know your dividing lines for neighborhoods - but which ones?

  • Do you have the deal of the century or a dud?

  • Where to invest for Cash Flow with Low Risk and  where the Risk for  flips increase?

  • Mistakes I made as a Landlord that you should avoid

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Ever wish you had the benefit of someone else's mistakes ? Are the people who you follow not able to distill their advise to your geography ? All I am a FULL Time Real Estate Investor in Sacramento or Sactown or Sack of Tomatoes -whatever you call it.  Spend 15 minutes learning from my mistakes rather than making your own.

What Other People who read this report Say

I wish I had something like this when I was getting started.

Joseph Helms

It took just 15 minutes to read and I got an understanding of Risk in Real Estate Investing that I didn't have before.

Melinda Jones

Not being a "Lone Wolf" any more. It clicked immediately what I was doing wrong.

Brandon Schmidt

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